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is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_Header1Wish you could finally find the help that you need to go from $0 to at least a few grand a month realistically?

This Is Where You Kick Start Your Awesome New Career
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 If You’re An Internet Newbie, Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner Struggling To Bring In Consistent Money Or Any Money Online At All, You’re Going To Really Like What I’m About To Say.

Please know that your lack of success is not because you aren’t hip to the latest Google or SEO trend or not spending enough time online checking your stats and ranking.

…or because you’re not a hard enough worker
…or because you’re not a Technology Prodigy.

NOPE… The success you crave is hindered due to something much more simple…much easier to solve. If you’re willing to listen.

is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_attention_signJust Imagine…

A Blog That All You Have To Do Is Re-Write Information

All Ready Out There But In Your Own Words To

Start Realistically Making Money Consistently In Just 3-5 Months?



is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_the_big_questionSo Here’s The Big Question…

Do you want to waste years (and God only knows how many dollars) chasing after new “over hyped gimmicks” and “get rich quick scheme” that promise 10k in your first week?


Are you still hoping to find that $9.99 course that you feel will give you that secret edge?


How About Taking A Step Back…
Taking A Deep Breath…
Ignoring All The Glitz & Glamour…
Avoiding Hype & Flash…
And Finally Try Something That Actually Works…

It’s time to take the first step to unleashing the guerilla marketer inside you!

Start using consistent action and brute force now and get your little piece of the pie! Why not you!

Okay, then. Lets get started on changing your life (for the better) forever…No Biggie.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Making Their First Consistent Income Online.

Just give me a few minutes and I’ll give you the keys to setting up your own
high converting authority blog faster than you ever thought possible.

This is step by step information with a program that has everything you need to:

  • Learn
  • Research
  • Set up
  • Market
  • And Host a profitable affiliate blog

This can be done without knowing any technical skills or having any experience in Internet marketing, building blogs or even social web 2.0 properties.

The hardest thing to understand and internalize in the beginning is there’s no magic voodoo formula to bringing in consistent money online.


Many will make you believe there is…

Whats the reason, you may ask?

Well it’s simple… because it still works.

What sounds easier and better?

“I teach you to make a million dollars in 3 days or less without working more than 10 minutes a day for just a dollar.”


“Take consistent action, work hard and stay consistent with quality content and build a brand over time and you will make money.”

Now if you answer this question honestly the first one sounds easier.
I know that may not sound believable but it was there just to make a point.

The first sentence if made a little more believable would sadly be the one that sells more in the beginning, not in the long run but many scams still use it to sell and still do very good with it.is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_Right_path_wrong_path

The crazy thing is, all you really need to do is just follow the right path, that’s it…

The hard part is not going down the WRONG PATH.

The RIGHT PATH is waiting for you, just click get access now.

You have to wait a little bit for results in anything worth while or legal but if you know the right path you can have confidence that at least this time it will work, if you just follow the plan and take action and put in some work.

To succeed online really all it takes is the right information and patience. Now both of those simple things can take a lifetime just to figure out if you’re not careful. If you start going the wrong direction, it can sometimes take you so far off course you need a GPS to get back.

The worst part is you typically wont know you’re doing something wrong until you patiently wait for results, only to find a “hard knock life lesson” as your payment instead of sales.

Here is the secret formula:

Get the right process and information, find a hungry audience and then offer them something of value that resonates with them and that they internalize in a way that moves them to take action.

Again this needs to be the right formula and info, as well as the right research to find the hungry audience and the proper resources to set it all up and get it out there.

What if I told you could do this all in one place?is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_everything_you_need_all_in_one_place

I know of a system that makes all this easy. This system allows you to just focus on your business and build a foundation so that you could then, start doing riskier ventures online.

The process is really that simple but finding the right teacher or guide and believing it’s the right one after being scammed many times can be very difficult. Many have a really hard time listening to anybody after they have been scammed once or twice.


The hungry audiences aren’t hiding, you just need to be armed with the right plan of attack to know how to find them. 

Also you need to understand how to give them the solution to their problems.

You need to have the plan so you don’t have to go out and formulate a plan all by yourself. Trust me, I really wish I would have done this first… If you don’t already know you’re a badass internet marketer chances are you’re going to want to get some guidance.

If you do it alone the depth of the internet could easily waste a good 5-10 years of searching and looking and failing.

Don’t Make It Hard On Yourself…

Many Are Just Worrying So Much About “Getting Ready”  And Never Really Take Action And Actually “Get Started.”

First you just need to make real consistent money with the proper foundation. Then if you want to start trying to reinvent the wheel and think more outside the box you can.

Until you make your first $4k+/month you may want to play it safe, cause if not, you have a good chance of burning yourself out and quitting. Getting overwhelmed and quitting early is one of the main reason most people fail making money online.

This is why what I’m about to share with you is so important, as I want to show you the solution to your problem of not getting targeted traffic and making money or consistent money online. It’s much easier than you think, if you just get out of your own way.

Are you looking for a way to create additional income?

Are you thinking of starting an online business or a work-from-home business but you’re unsure about how to proceed?

Do you already have an idea of what to do but confused on the exact path to take, that wont waste years of your life with trial and error and failure?

Have you tried marketing online by yourself and are struggling to achieve the results you wanted or even close to the results you wanted?

Ok well If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then…

I have the solution you have been lying awake at night hoping for!


Ok so why listen to me? I’m just some dude you have never heard of right?

I’m aware that I may not be the first person to string together some fancy words, telling you that a certain program is the best thing since Jet engines and Viagra.

You’re not going to see me… in a video driving my hot red Lambo, on the cover of Forbes or pictures posing with celebrities anytime soon.









I Don’t Want To Give You A Bunch Of Lip…So Let Me Shoot Straight From The Hip…

While I Slip…The Truth Serum, In The Koolaid I Sip…

  • I’m not the CEO of some a world-renowned brand
  • I have not made millions
  • I’m not a Doctor A Gentleman or even a Scholar
  • I’m not even someone who went to college for computers or internet marketing
  • I probably could not even really get a good job, well at least one that pays me what I get now.

Just Imagine if you could share a little knowledge from college.

…So possibly after that amazing explanation of my credentials, you may be wondering, “What the Hell am I doing listening to this loser” and may be close to leaving to find “the ultra rich, exotic car driving, celebrity knowing dude, on the cover of entrepreneur magazine.”

But I’m a little different… I have been in your shoes and I just barely got a new pair and know what it feels like and understand your struggles.


I’m not some high dollar Internet Marketer that charges 10k+ for basic coaching only to tell you the same information. 

The only difference is that I would be there once in a while for calls and meetings.

I’m also not like the hucksters that use up a method and once it’s played out and saturated they share that outdated method with their visitors…

I will also not show you some outdated material that is just a bunch of info I scraped together that is 10X times easier said than done.

Yes, everything is easier said than done but some internet marketers really leave out lots of the hard technical stuff.

When you start with missing info you feel like your stupid and not the teacher.

The Big Guys Also Like To Walk A Mile In Your Shoes, But For A different Reason And In A Little different Way.

They Also Will Walk A Mile In Your Shoes… So When They Screw You Over… They’re A Mile Away And They Have Your Shoes!!!


Well the big guys would like to make you think they have the answer to your problems but they may be way to overcomplicated, way to disconnected.

They typically come at a price from anywhere from an arm and a leg to your first-born child. is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_Arm_Leg_first_born

Stick with me as even though you may think I’m a goofball… believe it or not you’re holding gold in your hands. If you have not been screwed over yet, sadly enough you may not even realize the value this course has at first.

This is the tough part and It’s up to you whether you recognize the value and take action.

I decided to wait for a few years to sign up for this program I’m talking about. I thought I could just put it aside to mull it over and think about it for a few hours. I then thought, “well I will just think about it for a few days…” Then I kept thinking for a few weeks, then a few months, then a few years.

Imagine forgetting about something that could have changed your life. Imagine letting years go by to only then finally realize that you wished you would have started it sooner. All the things that you did up to this point did not work and didn’t really know how to sell to get the message across.


Well that was my story and I now see people who started when I should have.

If I would have pulled the trigger faster I would be making much more by now.

These people who started when I should have are making at least 10K plus+ a month with their blogs and living the dream internet life.

I’m nipping at their heels but I know that I could have gotten there a lot sooner.

It was all due to finally getting the proper guidance and filling in those missing pieces to the puzzle. Even though I knew of a lot of what needed to be done, I just never did it, until I started this course. 

I just simply completed the action guide and checked off the tasks after each lesson as I went along.

You may feel like me and think you have all the information, the problem is knowing what to do specifically and what things to focus on, to get to your goal in months rather than years.

I also help you every step of the way if you need it. There is no MLM pyramid downline you have to build, this is affiliate marketing.

This Program That Is Just What The Doctor Orderedis_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_Annoying_boss_get_back_to_work

What I’m about to tell you allowed me to live a life on my own terms. 

This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

To think I almost passed on doing this course all together. 

I was going to continue failing on my own thinking that was the best idea. 

I no longer work a normal job with a boss…

I live a life with freedom and flexibility that many only day-dream about, right before your unqualified manager or boss comes in and kicks your chair and yells “Enough Goofin Around, Lets Get Back To Work!” Then smiles with a dumb grin.

I used to think the only way to make money online was to….

Either scam people


Be some fancy pants “Pentagon hacking hot-shot” that had a computer in their room since they were a baby. They also knew Zuckerberg before Facebook and had rich tech savvy parents that lived in Silicon Valley.

So I did not start making money online the easy way, in fact I did not even have access to my own computer until I was 23.

So I was 23 and had no experience with online marketing.

I had the idea to give it a shot to see what happens.

Well talk about criticism, everybody from my family and friends all thought I was crazy. 

My credentials on paper would barely qualify me for job “flip-in Burgers” let alone run a successful website online.

I literally started with zero, in fact I only started trying to find opportunities online because I hated the jobs that I could get. I was a serial job quitter.  I looked into making money online out of almost a dream like desperation (that I used to not even really believe myself).

I have been laughed at and criticized for being crazy for trying and was told I should just work a real job.

I used to always get the vibe that people thought of me as a loser that is a lazy huckster trying to make a quick buck.

The point I’m so terribly making is, I have recently been in your situation or worse and have been where you’re at. I know the system that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be, it’s only a matter of whether or not you believe me.

Well my journey took almost 7 years to figure things out on my own. I failed miserably.

It was only when the day finally came that I found the right guidance and step by step training.

This finally got me from wasting tons of time to focusing on just what works and just simply taking action.

Well fast forward to the present day and I can now laugh at all the people who laughed at me.

They’re all still working their jobs. 

Many also have that miserable attitude that only comes with working a 40+ hour week around people you tend to almost hate.

I now can eat when and where I want, buy whatever clothes and things that I need when I want them without restrictions. Ok, It’s not like I own 100k+ dollar sports cars or million dollar yachts but I’m driving the car that I want not worried about the payment and up keep.

I also am living in the area of town I want, in a house that I want.

I’m not worried about rent and taking care of my son.

I can do all the fun activities that I want and also do some traveling.

It’s not necessarily who makes the most or who’s got the biggest house or the most money before they die, it’s about what your quality of life is daily that really matters.


The quality of my life now makes me want to do an annoying power-walk down the street while hum singing and whistling, I think you get the point.

All this without having to go back to work. What I have learned is I can make more money whenever I want.

I’m happy right now with my life I have gotten a little lazy. It’s much more important to live a quality life rather than see if I can get the most money and acquire the most things before I die.

My point to all of this rambling, if I can do it, I’m sure you can to.

Yes it will take some time but anything worth while usually does. What I want to show you, will dramatically cut that research and failure time and allow you to have success in a matter of months not years or god forbid decades.

Most Online Programs Simply Just Don’t Work

Have you ever felt the frustration and unhappiness and near nervous breakdown and depression that I have felt?

Have you been let down time and time again by all the hyped up false promises made by what look like big legitimate companies?

I will bet that none of the programs that you have tried up to this point actually worked for you or you probably would not have landed on this page if they did.

The problem just keeps getting worse, scams are becoming the way for people who don’t want to put in the long-term work to make short-term money.

This feeling will end up making you more and more depressed until you finally hit that breaking point where you just want to give up. 

Scams online effect almost 100% of people who are new to internet marketing at least once. T

hen it’s a game to see who can get fooled the least, before you finally get it right. This game can literally take years.

Let’s face it, scams will always be here. This proves the point that a solution for something that works is needed in the sea of scammers out in the wild, wild west we call the internet.

You can see a legit course would be in such high demand.

As I can probably bet you can’t think of one real program that you know works but I’ll bet you would need to count on your hands and toes to show the amount of scams you have run into.

  • So would you rather take your chance going to course after course buying, trying, failing and then repeating?
  • Are you ready for a tried and true system that you can stop worrying and just start working?

Again when I was starting out it seems like nothing worked and it was not possible to legitimately make consistent money online.

After years of failure and depression and living a life on such a budget that it would make being a bum look fun, I finally found what I needed.

I also followed through with a system that I have also proven really does work, as I’m still doing it.

This program I speak of works when you really start harnessing the power of a proper long-term plan

Rather than some “easy come, easy go scheme” that will get your accounts banned and Google slapped after you finally get it up.


what_you_can_build_with_weathy_affilaiteFocusing on working consistently and taking action rather than researching and experimenting seemed to be the keys to finally making some progress.

I finally found the results I had been waiting for and my god was it easy. 

Like I have said before it can be so hard finding the right info online by yourself, as there’s so much information out there.is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_feeling_lucky_punk

So Are You Feeling Luck, Punk…

You either get lucky and find it quick or you could waste years struggling to finally find the proper training to get you successfully making money online. If you have won the lottery or been struck by lightning you can try your luck, but chances are you will want a blueprint and to follow a proven plan.

This Is Where I Introduce To You The Program That Put Me Back On Course.
  • So have a niche idea?
  • Do you think that with training you could write an article that is good enough?

It’s time to turn the knowledge in your head mixed with the knowledge already out there on Google into a business. Find something that you just like or feel comfortable talking about. Then take that niche and turn it into a business.

I Know You May Be Jaded From All The Scams Out There 

is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_comfort_zone_where_magic_happensAt first It was really hard for me to believe that there wasn’t some ultra top-secret method to making money without a lot of work. I thought I would find it and not have to waste my time actually putting in real work. Well I put in work but the problem was, it got me nowhere. 

Many make you believe you can get thousands in just a few weeks when really that kind of money takes a few months or years.  

If there’s a real secret that makes tons of money the people who find them are the people out taking action and testing in the trenches.

They’re not looking to give those secrets away, well at least until they’re played out and saturated. 

After they’re old news many of the marketers will then share these super secret ways to make money. They just bundle them in a course to make them look like the next best thing.

So, How Is This Going To Directly Benefit Me? Well I’m Glad You Asked.

Depending on how hard you want to work, you could achieve the results you’re wanting and have money in about 3-5 months. You could have a real business within a year, if you just focus and get started sooner rather than later and W.A. You can do all of this much faster but for people with jobs that is a realistic timeline above.

This may sound like a long time but that is because I’m just saying an average time frame that many typically achieve results in. This is due to getting it done while having and job and juggling a family life. 

Wouldn’t you like to know that in a few months time you could have a real online business that is stable and wont get taken down by Google?


Would you want to constantly worry if some new scheme you got is going to work and wasting time jumping from scheme to scam.

If you started now and made a commitment, in your spare time you could set up a new source of income, instead of focusing on:

  • Building best fantasy football team
  • Binge watching tv shows before all your friends
  • Being the best amateur Xbox player who doesn’t get paid to do it professionally
  • Shopping and buying more liabilities that you really do not need right now

Don’t Just Take My Word For It….Check Out These Real Testimonials From Actual Members Making A Living From Doing This…

This Is Only A Few Of Them, There Is Many More That Are Much More Successful.

I Just Wanted To Show The Ones That Where Beginners
And Made Money Quick With This System.

W. A. Success Story #1 – Read Story Or Click Image For Their Profile


W. A. Success Story #2 — Read Story Or Click Image For Their Profile


 W. A. Success Story #3 — Read Story Or Click Image For Their Profile


 W. A. Success Story #4- Read Story Or Click Image For Their Profile


 W. A. Success Story #5- Read Story Or Click Image For Their Profile


The feature of this Research, training course, website builder, fast secure hosting & social ranker are:

  • This is a premium cloud hosting package (that can cost anywhere from $20-50+ dollars a month just for this alone)
  • One step website builder with easy website managing with health stats on each site (Another feature that would cost probably $9 a month)
  • Keyword tool ($15 a month)
  • 2 complete training courses (one for WA promo site) (one for amazon niche site) ($20 a month)
  • Live video training every friday (with new techniques and tips to fill in the gaps) ($15 a month)
  • Access to private messages in huge community of online business owners ($5 a month)
  • Peer to peer comment trading platform with real comments which is huge in itself. ($5-10 a month)
  • Private Message Access to “one on one” chats with owners “Kyle and Carson” which is huge ($40-100+ a month)
  •  Also its a large private forum that you can get a lot out of. ($20-40 a month)

Wealthy Affiliate University makes it easy to do this as they allow you to sign up and look around for free.

If you upgrade you can just get everything that the website offers and if your serious about your business it’s recommended.

With Premium membership you never have to go anywhere else if you don’t want to, as Wealthy Affiliate has everything all under one roof, in one place.

is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_passive_agressive_forum_behaviorSick Of The Passive Aggressive Attitude You Get From People When Your Learning? 

Similar to other premium forums out there but without all the hype and selling and hostility that can sometimes come with those forums.

This works especially well for beginners that are looking for a no-nonsense way to consistently and realistically make at least $3-10k+ a month.

This also is good for an intermediate to almost expert level can still get great benefits from this program and make even more.

If you’re already a pro you probably should be making good money and don’t need this.

Trust The Process And You Will Make Money

The big thing that W.A. offers is a task list after each lesson that will walk you through building your site properly. This will give you the steps to finally get your blog or website to make money. They will teach you step by step and you simply just check off the tasks and move forward. 

Then just stick with it, trust the process and you will make money. 


Everything that you need is all contained within this course (university/business community forum/website builder/research tool). If you follow the action plan you will make money .

This is finally a course to hold your hand and walk you to success… If you just keep going, don’t give up and take action. This is not a plan that will leave something out or leave you high and dry.

If you’re interested and ready to start taking action you can click below to sign up for a completely free account and remain a free member until you can soak up the info and understand WA and then understand for yourself why you’re wanting to upgrade.

If you put as much time as you put into your “day job” or “TV watching time” into your blog,  you will start to see ultra fast results.

Also expect to see an increase in your confidence when people ask what you do, as everybody is going to want to know how you did it. You may soon become the envy of your friends! This can be a good and a bad thing.

When you don’t work a job who really cares, life is easy.

When you have money you tend to not get as mad at the things that you used to get mad at.

Some Things That You Can Expect From This Program At Wealthy Affiliate

You will never be alone again:

It’s nice to be alone but not when building a business or doing something complicated. This course will give you access to many people who have already been there and done that and are completely willing to pay it forward.

The owners are easy to talk with and are always available

Out of all the programs that I have seen and tried or reviewed I have never ran into a training where the owners are so accessible and available, and it’s not because they don’t have a lot of members or anything.

Not only are they accessible they’re very good at slowly working with you. They’re masters at getting you on the right track without giving you emotionless, passive aggressive, general blanket, canned responses.

This program is like the difference of eating at a place that is run by a hired team of teenie boopers who hate the job or eating a place that has the owners in the back and the front making sure everything goes correctly and the quality stays consistent.

Which place would you rather eat at and especially which place would you rather put blood sweat and tears building a business with?

This is just about certainty, if you want to stop guessing and just start earning, then stop messing around and sign up for at least the free course and take action. You will get you to your goals much faster than doing it alone or any other course that I have tried that is out there.

Everything All in One Place


You can do everything “all in one place” and start making money.

You can actually build 2 websites with a free membership and still get access the keyword tool and first module of the beginners course.

Then start scaling up with more advanced programs, widgets and tools if you want or just do the basics.

No matter if you believe it or not the system works.

This system is always staying consistent with Google with White hat techniques that will save you from getting banned or hidden in Google’s search results for duplicate content.

The is one of the most trusted and honest communities that I have every ran into or have been apart of.  

I wish you could see my face and read my lips when I say, this is the most genuine and honest course, community and resource that you can do for the money.

Wealthy affiliate’s premium membership is only $47 per month and is one of the most cost-effective ways to

  1. Train in what works now
  2. Research
  3. Build
  4. Have action steps to follow
  5. Manage
  6. Market your site all in one place.

This course is highly regarded by many (at least the ones that understand the value) to be the most cost-effective, complete online business training and website building platform with powerful secure & fast cloud hosting all taken care of for you, all in one place.

Basically this course is going to make it so you will be out of excuses.

The only way this course and program don’t work, is if you don’t work. In other words, it works, if you do.

The only other way is if you start and prematurely give up.

This is the scary part… many courses and scams out there could say the same thing but here is the difference…

This course allows you to look under the hood for free for as long as you like.

This allows you to get a feel for the program and understand what it does.

People have not only got a feel for the course but actually make money with the FREE sites they build. They just take longer and you can build only 2 but is the best free course I have ever seen.

Then try to find a better more convenient way to get your first real website that makes your first real consistent money legitimately.

“You now have all the tools you need to succeed and all those other programs start looking more and more like here today gone tomorrow type schemes, to make a quick buck… Which sometimes are not so quick and sometimes don’t even earn a buck.”

You Wont Believe How Simple It Can Be When You Take Out The Guess Work. 

The mechanics of doing all this is surprisingly simple and even though you think you already know everything, that could be your problem. Everything starts clouding your judgement and you take action on nothing or just a little action on too many things and if you don’t find something that works and go for it could be a long dark road ahead trying to figure it out yourself for free.

Even if you were going to try to do it yourself for free at least try using the WA free starter membership that comes complete with training and two free websites that you can use to make money with that are full WordPress installs.

You Can Get Everything You Need To Figure This All Out From A Free Membership, Your Kidding Right?

There are obviously differences between the 2 memberships levels but the starter membership actually will provide you with everything that you need to get an online business up a running and get your first little taste of money. You still get basic step by step training and you can get 24/7 support from the community and  free domains and hosting.

This allows a person to fully test drive the wealthy Affiliate environment and system and be able to make a decision in your own time if it’s for you. You can remain a starter membership for as long as you like and still build a website or two on there.

Just the free training and system they have will facilitate you to do two major things…

  • Take action
  • Get consistent results

There are a lot of things that you may be over thinking.

If you have the exact plan on just what works now.

It’s the best feeling that you don’t have to be scared on your direction.  

You now will not have to be scared anymore that what your building may get taken down or you will lose rank in Google all of a sudden.

It really is not as hard as it seems. This just gets easier and easier, all you have to do is put forth a 1/4 of the effort that you put into your day job and your results will soon replace that day job.

You can start working a lot less and on your own terms. (imagine in your head walking off from your job saying it’s your last day, the high is amazing and you will be singing and screaming with excitement the whole drive home)is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_is_wealthy_affiliate_a_scam_friends_envious_Of_you

If You Want To Stop Guessing And Failing And Just Start Learning And Earning Without All The Hype, Simply Make Today The Day That You  Make That First Step To Changing Your Life.

You Can Finally Be One Of Those People That Others That Work 9-5 Jobs Envy… 

Many Will Wish They Would Have Made The Same Decision.

You Can Make The Right Choice Now.

The level of support mixed with…

  • Guided video and written updated training
  • Action tasks list
  • All the research tools and resources you need
  • Amazing, expensive and secure hosting 
  • The friendly community of many other helpful entrepreneurs
  • Access to both the owners of the program
  • Live Video Training

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